Building Inspections


Building Inspections

All APIS inspections are conducted by qualified and licensed inspectors.
You can rely upon APIS for comprehensive inspections with timely and accurate reports.
All APIS reports meet or exceed relevant Australian Standards AS4349.1.

Condition Reports

An APIS condition inspection / report will provide an assessment of the general condition of the dwelling.

This is particularly useful for landlords and property managers.

This is a special purpose report. The condition report will also comment on defects to such items as painting, floor coverings, blinds and will make recommendations on other fitments to the dwelling 

If you're a landlord or property manager your decision to arrange an APIS condition report for your property will be rewarded with the peace-of-mind.

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Council Building Records / Compliance Search

When organizing a Building and Pest Inspection with APIS at your request we can organise a Building Records / Compliance Search with the Regional Council.

The Regional Councils vary in their fees and charges for this service.

The results are compared with the actual on-site construction and the findings are added to the building report. 

Some of the most common unapproved structures found on properties include: - 

-    roofed pergolas and patios  

-    garages that have been converted into additional living areas  

-    sheds larger than 10 square metres  

-    cubby houses over 2.4m in height 

-    additional garages  

-    swimming pools 

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Pre Purchase Building Inspections

The building inspection is a visual inspection of the dwelling in accordance to the Australian Standards 4349.1

The licensed inspector will  inspect all areas of the house that he has have reasonable access to. 

The areas inspected include and where applicable, roof, the roof space, sub floor, interior and exterior of the dwelling and any out buildings, carports or garages.

He  goes through the house, room by room, identifying any defects and areas that may need attention.

Items inspected include but not limited to:-, doors, windows, walls, ceiling, floor, floor wastes, cupboards/robes, shower, bath, toilets, laundry tub, vanity basins, security screening. Also identifying if there is insulation /sarking, tie downs, type of frame in the roof space. 

Externally - items inspected include:-  decks, patio, verandahs, stairs, handrails, fences.

Areas not accessible and details of the limitations on the day will be highlighted in your report.

The purpose of the inspection is to provide you with a report regarding the condition of the property at the time of the inspection.

It is our company policy to conduct the inspection honestly, within the guidelines and to provide you with the detailed assessment of your property to help you feel secure with you purchase.

The report is emailed to your nominated email address and on receiving the report, the inspector encourages you to contact him on his mobile discuss any aspects of the report. 

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Pre Sale Building Inspections

As a Home Seller you will want to sell for the highest possible price in the least amount time - your transparency will pay off. 

Why wait for the unexpected and arrange an independent Pre- Sale Inspection.

An APIS Pre-Sale Inspection Report records the overall condition of your property and identifies problems that may need to be rectified or repaired.                       

Providing a Pre-Sale Inspection Report gives your buyer a greater sense of confidence and protects you from the buyer making any claims against you for concealing defects and misrepresentation.                                                                                                                     

If defects or other conditions are identified you can choose to rectify or reflect these in the marketed price. This is your decision.

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