Timber Termite Inspection     

These destructive creatures are sometimes call 'white ants' owing to their creamy colouring and ant-like features. Australia is home to some 350 termite varieties and 20 of these species are considered highly destructive to dwellings.

Termites keep away from light and conceal themselves within woodwork. 

When undetected they quietly cause structural damage to properties and can render them unsafe. 

Highly experienced, qualified and fully licensed APIS Pest Inspectors conducts a thorough  visual inspection of your property.  Inspecting areas that are readily accessible and according to Australian Standards 4349.3 - 2010

The inspection is to identify any evidence of live activity or evidence of previous activity in and around your property. The written report  will also highlight conditions and areas that are conducive to termites.

'Termatrac' device inspections available on request.

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